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09 Dec 2012
Hey wassup, it's James here :)

The site wasn't working earlier which I was a little gutted about as I just written a post out then when I hit "Publish", the post completely diappeared... Along side all the other posts!

Thankfully I emailed support and everything is fixed now :)

Anyway, what have I got for you today?

Well today I'm gonna teach you - not one - but two tricks I use to increase my Youtube views!

You're proabably thinking, that's great and all but why do I want to do that - well, apart from showing of to your chums saying how popular your videos are?

Well I don't know if you know this but gettiing loads of Youtube views quickly as a massive ranking for getting ranked in Google's search engine!

So following the advice I'm about to teach you, well help you show up in Google and then you'll start to get REAL passive human views ...And that's when the REAL fun begins ;)

Okay, now you know what the video is about, here it is... Enjoy!

And there you have it! Pretty easy stuff right. All you gotta do now is to actually implement it. Remember, if you do nothing... You get nothing.

So in the words of the world's famous trainer company, Nike.... "Just Do It"!

Right then, that's all for now. Thanks for reading and watching :)



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